“Where do people think techno came from?

"...To be literal, it probably did start in a number of places; but, if your looking at in the prism of electronic music. The whole scene that was in Detroit was the greatest thing that could ever happen and it happen in this underground bubble and its still reverberating today...”

Ben Grosse,
Recording Engineer for early Cybotron Recordings

A Movement

It's only with effort that history gives credit to the source of a cultural movement, especially if that source is Afro american. Robert Harvey - Remixing Detroit

What's it all about?

"What's the true meaning of Detroit Techno?... I think the story of "Detroit" isn't really a story at all. It's more like an attempt to tell a story about what could have been."

Jeff Mills

The 909

“When I bought the 909 I hated it. I thought it was the worst sounding machine I ever heard. I thought it was loud, obnoxious and it didn’t sound real. But then that’s the whole point it . That’s the point of the machine.”

Blake Baxter

“What became known as techno came from these weird parties full of nerdy cats and fashion slave kids – guys who wanted to emulate L'uomo Vogue magazine because fashion was their mode of rebellion.”

Mick Collins's [The Guardian]

“A lot of Black artists that were instrumental in a lot of innovation, sort of got forgotten or purposely got white washed.”

Juan Atkins

The Tools

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