Detroit Gave Drum Machines Soul

The sonic common denominators are gritty textures, needle-nosed frequencies, and slippery, evolving rhythms that easily disprove the old canard that drum machines have no soul. "I always liked that raw, analog quality," Hall says. "That's just what was presented to me as how you want it to sound. That always had a positive connotation to me, just from the records I listened to." So did the idea of "the organic nature of the machines"; that is, that the real magic happens in real time, on hardware devices and magnetic tape. "I've always been into the manipulation and battering and trying and testing and kind of forcing a sound. I like the evolution of the sound when things are put on two generations of tape. The wow and flutter changes. Saturation increases at certain points, because there was something on that part of the tape.

Kyle Hall [Thump]

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