Meet The Photographer Normski

Normski Anderson is a renaissance man, a photographer, DJ, media personality, creative force in the UK hip hop scene. He has shown the world his distinct perspective on music culture through photography since the 1980s.

Normski has photographed the electronic music movement, and contributed to the popularization of Detroit Techno in Europe through his photography of the Techno 6. Normski spent time in Detroit in 1987 when he was sent by Record Mirror magazine to capture photos of the new dance sound of Detroit. The photos from Normski’s trip represented a turning point in Detroit techno history by giving an image to represent the faces behind Detroit’s distinct sound around the world.

Normski’s photography has the power to show the world a distinct perspective on the cultural movements that he has shot throughout his career. Our film features interviews from Normski, and we’re so excited for those of you who don’t know him to get acquainted with this magnificent artist.